FOXBC 9 Inch 6/12 TPI Demolition Reciprocating Saw Blades for Nail-Embedded Wood, Bi-Metal, 25-Pack with Case

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 FOXBC 9 Inch 6/12 TPI Demolition Reciprocating Saw Blades for Nail-Embedded Wood, Bi-Metal, 25-Pack with Case 

  • Recommended applications: Wood & Nails, Fiber Cement, Wood, Wood Composites, PVC, Rubber
  • 9 Inch 6/12 TPI Specifically designed for maximum performance in nail-embedded wood applications.
  • Bi-Metal M42 Material with 8% Cobalt saw blades for extreme demolition cuts
  • Delivers the lowest amount of deflection while cutting wide materials
  • Optimal for rough-in cutting a wide range of demolition materials on the construction site
  • Compatible with Black & Decker, DeWalt, Makita, Milwaukee, Porter Cable, Ryobi, Bosch, SKIL
  • FOXBC reciprocating saw blade keep your reciprocating saw, sawzall saw cutting cleanly for the best result.
  • Package includes: 25pcs saw blades with storage case

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Customer Reviews

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Amanda Powell
Just as good as any house brand

If you need an everyday construction site set of blades, look no further than these. I cut approximately 30 brace blocks from 2x4s for a deck. One blade did 60 cuts like the first cut. I even did a one vertical cut on a 2x8 at the end. All were done on pressure treated lumber, I’m impressed. Can’t beat the price and I will be ordering more. 6/12 tpi for those who want to know.

Eran Margalit
Very agressive bladea

These bladea are best used to rip things apart as due to the agressive ribbing on the blades they make fast but rough cuts. Perfect for demolition. The case they come in is really nice and is the perfect way to store them in your toolbox.

Fidel Moreno Flores
Good bi-metal recip saw blades. They work well for remodeling tasks.

These FOXBC 9" demolition reciprocating saw blades work well for remodeling tasks.I've used these blades to cut out studs, sill plates, joists, nails, and water lines without much effort.
These blades did struggle when cutting through hardened construction screws, but then again almost every blade will have the same issue.

Peggy Schwar
Good blades for fast rough work

I tested these blades on my Milwaukee Sawzall and found them to be good value for money. These blades have a fast cut, aggressive tooth configuration. I tested them on 1.5” Baltic birch (same density as hardwood), cutting through construction grade outdoor screws. The blades barely slowed down while cutting through the #8 steel screws. As you can see from my photos, the cut edges were smooth with almost no tear out. The thin kerf on these blades makes them cut faster, especially in thicker woods, and improves performance. My one small disappointment with these blades, which was not enough to reduce my rating from 5 to 4, is that most of the coating was stripped from the blade down to bare metal on my first test cut. Since these are advertised as demolition blades, I can’t complain that they lose their finish so quickly and leave orange paint residue on the cut sides, but I’ve shown a Diablo bi-metal blade that’s been used at least a half dozen times for comparison.

Paul AARON Rodgers

This is my second set of recip saw blades from this manufacturer. The value is unbeatable. The blades are decent quality and you're simply not finding a set of 25 at this price anywhere from any of the name brands. The problem is that someone, I assume Amazon?...someone keeps shipping the orders in a flimsy paper packing pouch or plastic bubble-wrap mailer. Seems like just about everything else arrives in a sturdy cardboard box, but the one time a box would help they don't use one. The result is that the useful and attractive plastic storage box that holds the blades ends up smashed and unusable by the time the product reaches my door. Not only does this mean I now need to find another way to store the blades, it means there's a likelihood of getting bit by one when I open the envelope. I don't know whose fault this is but it needs to change. I'd have loved to have a handy storage case for the blades, and I'd have been delighted not to cut my finger on the saw teeth upon opening the package. Otherwise it's a great product that will find a ton of utility around the shop or yard.

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