14.3mm Carbide Inserts Knives 2 Cutting Edges for Cutech Spiral Cutterhead Planer -10 PACK

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14.3mm Carbide Inserts Cutters Knives Square Replacement 2 Cutting Edges for Cutech Tool Planer Jointer 40700H-CT 4700HC-CT 40100H-CT 40600H-80100-CT 40200H-CT 40600HC-80100-CT 40200HC-CT Spiral Cutterhead Planer - 10pcs

  • Standard Size-14.3mm(length)X14.3mm(width)X2.0mm(thickness) square straight with 2 edges,50 degree cutting angle
  • Most Convenient-If one knife edge is dull or nicked, just turn it to another edge which greatly reduces you down time.and all are of the same sharpness
  • 10 pieces per box,packed with a plastic container for safe and easy storage
  • Easy to operate,each blade has 2 sharp edges,if one is dull, just change it to the other side
  • Carbide cutter Corners are very sharp with virtually no radius Best choice for turning straight profiles and nearly 90° inside corners
  • Fit For:Cutech Tool Planer Jointer 40700H-CT 4700HC-CT 40100H-CT 40600H-80100-CT 40200H-CT 40600HC-80100-CT and 40200HC-CT
  • Type: Woodworking Power Tool
  • Item: TCT Reversible Planer Knives Cutter Inserts Blade
  • Size:14.3mm lengthX14.3mm width X2.0mm Thick-50°
  • Shape: 2-Edges,Straight Face, Square
  • Application: hardwoods and softwoods,HDF, MDF,plywood, chipboard, particle board,etc.
  • Package:10pcs Carbide Reversible Insert Cutter


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