3-Inch Hobby Scroll Saw Blades Pin End for Dremel Moto-Saw Moto-Shop, Sears Craftsman Delta 15" Hobby, Emco Lux Hobby Saw - 36 Pack

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3-Inch Scroll Saw Blades Pin End for Dremel Moto-Saw Moto-Shop, Sears Craftsman Delta 15" Hobby, Emco Lux Hobby Saw  - 36 Pack 

  • Easy¬†Blade¬†Installation.
  • 3-Inch¬†Scroll¬†Saw¬†Blades¬†fit¬†the¬†vintage¬†Dremel¬†Moto-Saw,¬†Moto-Jig¬†Saw¬†(Model¬†8¬†and¬†15),¬†
  • Moto-Shop (all,¬†including¬†Models¬†57,¬†571,¬†571-5,¬†572,¬†57-2,¬†576¬†and¬†1571),¬†Dremel¬†8029¬†8030,¬†Craftsman¬†572.247202¬†15"¬†Hobby,¬†Delta¬†15"¬†Hobby,¬†Emco¬†Lux¬†Hobby,¬†Hobby-Lux¬†450¬†and¬†other¬†scroll¬†saws¬†and¬†jig¬†saws¬†that¬†use¬†pinned¬†blades¬†3¬†inch¬†total¬†length,¬†2-3/4¬†inch¬†between¬†pins.
  • Used¬†for¬†cutting¬†wood,¬†plastic¬†and¬†thin¬†non-ferrous¬†metals¬†(copper,¬†zinc,¬†brass,¬†lead¬†and¬†aluminum).
  • Pack¬†quantity:¬†36¬†Pack,¬†12-each¬†TPI¬†12¬†Pack,¬†15¬†TPI, 18¬†TPI, 24¬†TPI¬†

These blades fit the vintage Dremel Moto-Saw, Moto-Jig Saw (Model 8 and 15), Moto-Shop (all, including Models 57, 571, 571-5, 572, 57-2, 576 and 1571), Craftsman 572.247202 15" Hobby, Delta 15" Hobby, Emco Lux Hobby, Hobby-Lux 450 and other scroll saws and jig saws that use pinned blades 3 inch total length, 2-3/4 inch between pins.

Please note that they do not fit the new Dremel Model MS20 "2 in 1".  It uses 4 inch blades, which we also offer.

we offer fine, medium and coarse grades.

The fine blades have 25 regular teeth per inch, 0.010 inch thickness and 0.068 inch width for extra smooth finish cutting, extra sharp turns, and for fine work.

The medium blades have 18.5 skip teeth per inch, 0.014 inch thickness and 0.070 inch width for smooth finish cutting, and sharp turns.

The coarse blades have 15 skip teeth per inch, 0.015 inch thickness and 0.150 inch width for fast smooth cutting, and medium turns.

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